Or maybe your child or your grandchild has a cute crawl, or they scoot whether they’re on their belly or their butt, or they have a leg up when they’re crawling.

You may think it’s super cute, and it is definitely very cute a lot of times, but you may also be wondering, in the back of your mind, is this normal for my child to be having this funny type of crawl?

And the news is, no, it is not normal.

It’s a sign there’s a disconnect between the brain and the body, and it can lead to sensory processing disorders as the child grows and even developmental delays.

And so it’s super important to make sure you get this checked.

Find this disconnect between the brain and the body.

Get that corrected so you can have normal function again.

I believe every child with a funny crawl needs to be checked, have their nervous system checked to see where the problem is that creates this funny or cute crawl.

My name is Dr. Isaac Mooberry with Lifetime Wellness and Chiropractic.

We’ve been helping babies improve their crawling, and we’re here to help.