All too often, people think that the way they look, their physique, is a mere reflection of how well they work out, the exercises they do, and they use that information to judge how healthy they think they are.

You see, the problem is that it’s not just about the way you look or the way you feel.

It’s actually how well your body is functioning on the inside.

Imagine your teeth are starting to rot and fall out, which can cause problems for your heart.

They’ve shown that with studies.

Same thing with somebody that finds out they have stage three or four cancer, but they work out all the time.

They look super healthy but find out that they have cancer when they go in for something like an annual test.

How can that be?


You see, there’s a lot more going on than the symptoms alone in our body.

When we look at this, this is a pie chart of your nervous system.

Sensory nerves make up only 10% of what you feel.

The autonomic deals with the muscles and the way your body moves and motor nerves deals with your organ systems, blood vessels, heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, and glands.

So when we have problems and the nervous system is not getting 100% of the correct information from our brain to our body, it allows for compensation to develop and occur.


I’m Dr. Isaac Mooberry with Lifetime Wellness and Chiropractic in Denver.

We do neurological tests on new patients coming into the office to help us determine the state of health of the nervous system as well as what your concerns are with what you’re dealing with.

We do this with babies, kids, and adults.

Babies have reflux, colic, torticollis, ear infections, and kids have headaches and migraines.

They shouldn’t be having that.

They have postural issues from being on devices all the time.

Adults have very similar issues, anxiety, and even mood issues.

Kids can even have behavioral and learning challenges.

And the nervous system is critically important to make sure all these processes in our bodywork to the best of our genetic ability.

So to find out more about the power of chiropractic adjustment in our office, comment below or follow us.

Thank you!