As a parent, I know you’re waking up and you’re hearing a lot of crying or screaming or you’re seeing your child in distress, especially week after week, and clenched fists and just in agony and they’re inconsolable or they need to be constantly rocked or carried with you. It can be very challenging and confusing.

As a parent, I’m sure you’d be searching for an option that would be available to you, especially a natural option because most parents don’t want to be giving their kids any medications or anything that’s not needed.

So they found with research that chiropractic adjustment on kids in the study that’s on PubMed had a 94% improvement in their colic symptoms. Chiropractic is also more effective than medication and helps calm a stressed nervous system.

If you think of a baby coming into the world, their nervous systems can get overwhelmed because everything is brand new to them. They maybe even have some pain, or they have problems from the delivery process and that can stress their nervous system.

In gentle chiropractic adjustments, it’s like just checking the ripeness of tomato in the right spots, it can relieve that stress and help improve the communication in the nervous system to calm the nervous system down, to help them better handle their environment.