This is when we get to talk about the very important Vestibular system. The published literature has supports the connection of scoliosis and the vestibular system over and over again (Search for Scoliosis + Vestibular) that scoliosis has a global effect on the person far beyond the spine position on x-ray.

If Scoliosis were a primary problem with the spine would the inner ear bones also be involved?

This may make your head spin!

Researchers found that the bones and receptor cells of the inner ear which are responsible for your sense of balance and perception of vertical (Semincircular Canals and Otolith), are abnormal in scoliosis patients. The really interesting part, as if that isn’t interesting enough is that the bones of the inner ear are formed IN-UTERO, which means before you were ever BORN!

This part of the inner ear is called the Vestibular Apparatus. Unlike the Cochlea which is responsible for sound processing, the Vestibular system connects our inner ear to our brain, heart, eyes and spine, and is responsible for our ability to adapt to changes in our stability. You remember spinning around at the family picnic, only to sidle your way head first into the ground. That was your vestibular system kicking your ass! Oh, you got nauseous from the spinning? That is the Vestibulosympathetic reflexes turning your stomach, making your mouth water and your eyes tear. That is the same sympathetic output that influences the platelet function and Calmodulin Levels associated with Scoliosis progression.

Guess what else the vestibular system does, it helps REGULATE the AUTOMOMIC Nervous system, heart rate and rhythm, blood flow and respiration. Every time you sit up turn around bend over, your respiration, your heart rate and blood flow are affected by the Vestibular reflexes. Sometimes it over stimulates certain areas like the Vomit Center, and we’ll, you know what happens then, but what happens when its overactive and imbalanced your entire life?

Its easy to see that it leads to muscles that get overloaded on one side, what you can’t see is its happening in the muscles that move the eyes (eye strain, headache, dizziness), It happens in the neck muscles (neck pain, chronic trigger points in the upper trap), the heart muscle, the gut muscle, the lower brain (cerebellum) and its happening all the way up to the Cortex of the brain.

Here’s the take away: You were predestined to get Scoliosis from BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. Whether or not you lived up to that destiny or exactly what that destiny looks like today is now something you can Change. It’s never too late, and if you want to maintain or improve your quality of life the time to do so is NOW.


When graviceptive systems malfunction they create unrelenting activation of muscles. If you’re one who fatigues easily, this probably applies to you.

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