I really do have Migraines and Headaches, but my tests come back negative. Why?

I have heard this so many times it is out of control! Some people will have MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays and blood work to attempt to figure out their headaches and migraines. These tests can provide good clinical value, but when they come back with negative results can leave many without answers. I hear all the time “My tests came back negative. Is the problem really in my head?”

The answer is both yes and no typically. Yes, you do have pain in your head and that is where the symptom is typically located, but that is typically not where the problem is located. No, the problem is not in your head. Often times these common tests over look how your nervous system is functioning. If the brain can’t get the correct signals to the blood vessels to tell them to dilate then a throbbing headache or migraine can start. These tests that were mentioned above commonly miss this critical finding.

Commonly people try massage, acupuncture, yoga, physical therapy, over the counter medication or pharmaceuticals from their doctor. These may bring symptomatic relief, but are typically not addressing the root cause of the problem. If your headaches or migraines continue then I would recommend looking at a different approach to get not only relief but results. Our goal is not that we are your first stop to finding answers but we are your last stop.